PY Socket Mop 12oz

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PY Socket Mop 12oz

  • Industrial Quality Thick absorbent cotton PY yarn for everyday use
  • Colour-coded mops prevent cross contamination
  • Plastic socket fitting means no rusting
  • Economy Push or screw fit

The design of this socket mop accepts ordinary wooden shaft push-fit or either of the colour coded screw-on poles will cut a thread, therefore easily fitted or used with existing equipment. 

  • Thick absorbent cotton yarn for industrial everyday use
  • Colour coded prevents cross contamination.
  • Plastic socket fitting means no rusting.
  • Cheapest Colour-coded screw in mophead

12 oz.(ounce, 200 gm) pure yarn socket mop heads for standard everyday use. Approx 250mm diameter spread fitted with a colour-coded plastic socket means ideal size for around toilets, kitchens and not too heavy when fully wet. For use with 7/8" diameter wooden poles or 15/16" threaded handles. Socket has tapered plastic socket to accept most popular wooden shafts.